Salesforce Texting Feature – app has all the functionalities you need to be able to communicate and engage with buyers via SMS directly within your Salesforce Quick Text Service platform. The app is made natively on the Salesforce platform, enabling seamless sending of single or bulk SMS campaigns effortlessly. Our app empowers you to increase your customer base quicker with Salesforce Texting Feature such as personalized templates, automation and many other SMS activities.

You can use app to send quick text messages from Salesforce to a single or a group of leads, contacts, campaign members, or even send an SMS via a Workflow Rule. We are a Bulk SMS Marketing service provider and support SMS sender to any standard or custom object that has a phone field.

Start to interact with your customers now. With simple steps, Salesforce SMS App facilitates you with a powerful tool that helps you augment your business profits.

What Does SMS Mean?

It is impossible to be surviving in 2020 and not knowing what SMS means. We live in a world where every kid, adult, poor and rich person owns a mobile phone. Since cell phones were invented and revolutionised digital communication as we know, personal interactions have gone through a major shift. From simplified phone calls to zoom meetings on phone, we have certainly come a long way. So, what is SMS? SMS is the abbreviation for Short Message Service. It came into being in the 1980s as a messaging service facilitating 160 characters for a...

TCPA Message Guidelines For Your SMS Marketing Campaign

Whether it is through personal SMS or business text messaging, majority of businesses have adopted SMS marketing to reach out to their current and potential customers. SMS marketing helps you in connecting with your customers and keeping them updated about your business. You can create robust and personalised SMS marketing campaigns based on the specific needs of your customers. With the help of your customer database, you can extract details regarding the specific interests and preferences of your customers and reach out to them directly on...

What Is MMS Messaging?

Along with the invention of cell phones, text messages redefined the conventional “mobile” communication as we know today. Text messages successfully replaced letters by allowing people to send compact messages across thousands of miles with the click of a button. Short Messaging Service (SMS) was popular amongst the masses in no time. However, SMS is not the only component of a text message. SMS, along with MMS, made the umbrella of “texting” as we know today. So, what is MMS? MMS is the abbreviation for Multimedia Messaging Service. As the...

SMS Long Codes Vs. SMS Short Codes – What Is The Difference?

SMS marketing is widely accepted by businesses of all scales belonging to all sectors of the industry. It is a highly favoured channel for marketing as businesses are able to contact their prospects and customers directly on their cell phones, according to their specific needs and preferences. SMS marketing involves sending text messages to the customers (individually or in bulk) for specific purposes. It is common for businesses to send text messages regarding exclusive discounts, offers or points earned by their customers. They also send...

Business Text Messaging Vs. Personal SMS Messages

Communication is the key to a successful business. Efficient and timely internal communication helps you convey the correct information within the organisation. Similarly, efficient external communication helps you convey and receive relevant information with regards to the external public. The tools of business and personal communication have considerably evolved over time. Starting with the traditional letters and telegrams, communication has now reached to using emails. Moreover, the nature and purpose of communication has also seen a...

15 Best Text Messaging Templates

SMS marketing is one of the most widely used channels of marketing communication. Numerous businesses have adopted this tool for promoting their products and services. SMS marketing has brought brands much closer to the end customers with real time updates and exclusive offers. As a marketer, you can send promotional messages regarding discounts, offers, sweepstakes, new arrival and other relevant messages to your potential and current customers directly on their phones. As SMS messages do not require internet connectivity and are...

Salesforce Texting Feature of

Textible offers an array of services from bulk SMS packages to being top bulk SMS marketing service providers in the US.

Online Short Message Service Gateway

Send messages online to multiple contacts through our online SMS administration, in one straightforward advance without any setup.

Short Message Service

SMS Gateway API

Our adaptable and ground-breaking set of API enables engineers to include the capacity of requests to send and receive the quick text SMS’.

Bulk SMS & WhatsApp Bulk Message

Use our protected programming interface to send communication to multiple contacts via WhatsApp. You can automate the WhatsApp bulk message to a future date and time and it will do the job!

Bulk SMS Marketing
Salesforce Texting Feature - Textible

Email to SMS Gateway

Textible’s Email to SMS Gateway is perfect for individuals who use email as their essential correspondence channel, offering a consistent combination with practically any email programming. Utilizing our email to short message service entrance is as straightforward as sending a regular email.

Customized Integration

Textible flawlessly incorporates itself into your existing business contact forms or your existing platform!

Salesforce Texting Feature
Salesforce Texting Feature

SMS Template

Ease of saving data to customized SMS templates. Maintain consistent brand image and save time updating data.

Why do 500+ Brands Trust Textible?


End-to-end automation platform to schedule your SMS/MMS and WhatsApp communication.

Easy integration with built-in NLP in just a few clicks.

Over 120+ languages available for text and WhatsApp messages.

Excellent value for money.

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