Textible.io app has all the functionalities you need to be able to communicate and engage with buyers via SMS directly within your Salesforce SMS service platform. The app is made natively on the Salesforce platform, enabling seamless sending of single or bulk SMS campaigns effortlessly. Our app empowers you to increase your customer base quicker with features such as personalized templates, automation and many other SMS activities.

You can use Textible.io app to send text messages from Salesforce to a single or a group of leads, contacts, campaign members, or even send an SMS via a Workflow Rule. We are a bulk SMS provider and support sending SMS to any standard or custom object that has a phone field.

Start to interact with your customers now. With simple steps, Textible.io app facilitates you with a powerful tool that helps you augment your business profits.

Features of Textible.io

Send SMS

Send customized text messages to target users with ease. Switch to Salesforce lightning experience for better service.

Receive SMS

Ease of receiving and viewing text messages from your Lead/Contacts database.

Bulk SMS

Send text messages(s) to multiple targeted users quickly and easily.

SMS Opt Out

Simple one-click restriction to stop text messages from being sent to any number.

Scheduling the Message

Choose the date and time, schedule SMS(s) accordingly.

SMS Template

Ease of saving data to customized templates. Maintain consistent brand image and save time updating data.

SMS History

Easy record and access of text communication from the app.

Conversation View

Effortless navigation through all text messages in a simple yet appealing conversation panel.

SMS auto-forward to Email

SMS app enabled to auto-forward incoming text messages to email.

Lightning Ready

100% Lightning ready! Attuned to the Salesforce Lighting experience.


Ease of pushing SMS via Salesforce communities.

Custom Objects

Synchronized with both standard as well as custom objects.

Love the app and support. Best of luck for Sales 🙂 All our Sales Reps are using Textible app for real time sms conversation with our customers. Also we use it for reminders/promotions for our active clients to keep them up to date. We tried the mass sms feature and it works great as well as expected.

– Marcus Ferrari

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