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Bulk SMS Marketing Service

Reach your customers faster with 160 characters, and check your retargeting, the clicks on your CTA, Downloads, etc.

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Send bulk WhatsApp messages to reach your customers in a more agile manner. Also, integrate WhatsApp customer chatbots with your business API to give your business an edge ahead.


Automate and schedule your SMS/WhatsApp and stay ahead in the game. Automating the entire process omits the involvement of extra labour.

Voice SMS Service

Create exciting Outbound and IVR Campaigns and follow-up Voice messages on the go.


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Salesforce Texting App – Easy & Reliable Bulk SMS Marketing

In Textible.io app, you can send an Text Message From Salesforce using ‘Salesforce Texting App‘ in a very effective way. Textible Sending notifications to customers might be a boon for the business, resulting in a faster process comparative to the past.

Salesforce doesn’t offer you any standard feature to send SMS, but you can transmit SMS notifications to Leads/Contacts, Accounts, and to the records in routine or custom objects. The follow-up of customers is made convenient by sending SMS notifications, taking the help of Cheapest Native Salesforce SMS that is easily available in Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce Messaging 2

In Salesforce Messaging

Salesforce SMS can be sent to the contacts, leads, and users, and even by entering the mobile number directly through “SMS Home”

SMS Template 2

SMS Template

SMS template creation can be done to send SMS messages, just like the Email template. Before SMS template creation, we need to create a ‘Template Type’, which details out, to which object the SMS template is created.

SMS History 2

SMS History

This object withholds all SMS records that are sent from Salesforce and is linked with a related Lead or Account.

Incoming Message 2

Incoming SMS

This object dominates all the SMS Sender records that are acknowledged by Salesforce and are related to the respective Lead or Account. To add incoming SMS with Lead or Account, we have to set up “Incoming Lookup ‘within ‘SMS settings’ by creating a ‘New Incoming Lookup’ record.

Lets say 2

Let’s say

If there is a list of ‘Phone’ fields (Home Phone, Office Phone, Personal Mobile) on Account, then you need to arrange a special field, and based on that field value, the incoming SMS will be correlated with the appropriate record.

Record Creation 2

Action on Incoming SMS

Whenever a Salesforce receives an ‘Incoming SMS’, below-mentioned records can be created:

  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Case
  • Task

By selecting on ‘New Action on Incoming SMS’ in ‘SMS Settings, you can go for new action.

Opt Out Settings 2

Opt-out Settings

This setting is applicable when you want to prevent SMS for Lead or Account who has unsubscribed from receiving that particular SMS. If Salesforce receives a text that features the keyword for ‘Unsubscription’, then without a doubt check ‘Opt-out’ setting (‘Opt-out’ field [Checkbox]) for the matching Lead or Account, would be verified based on the contact number from which SMS is received.

Sceheduling SMS

Scheduling SMS

SMS can be sent on the completion of a specific process, or at a specific time using ‘SMS on Workflow’. ‘SMS on Workflow’ is an enhanced package helpful for SMS scheduling.

  • Select ‘SMS on Workflow’ tab.
  • Go to [New SMS Workflow] button.
Sceheduling SMS 2

Scheduling SMS

Salesforce Quick Text can be sent on the completion of a specific process, or at a specific time using ‘SMS on Workflow’. ‘SMS on Workflow’ is an enhanced package helpful for SMS scheduling.

  • Select ‘SMS on Workflow’ tab.
  • Go to [New SMS Workflow] button.

Features of Textible.io

SMS Send 1

SMS Sender

SMS Sender Tool Send customized text messages to target users with ease. Switch to Salesforce lightning experience for better service.

Message Recieve

Receive SMS

Ease of receiving and viewing text messages from your Lead/Contacts database.
SMS Bulk

Bulk SMS

Send Salesforce Quick Text Messages to multiple targeted users quickly and easily.

SMS History

SMS History

Easy record and access of text communication from the app.
Conversation View

Conversation View

Effortless navigation through all text messages in a simple yet appealing conversation panel.
Sms Forwarding

SMS auto-forward to Email

Salesforce SMS App enabled to auto-forward incoming text messages to email.

SMS Lightning

Lightning Ready

100% Lightning ready! Attuned to the Salesforce Lighting experience.
SMS Community


Ease of pushing Text Message From Salesforce communities.

Custome Object

Custom Objects

Synchronized with both standard as well as custom objects.
Opt Out Setting

SMS Opt Out

Simple one-click restriction to stop text messages from being sent to any number.
SMS Sceduling

Scheduling the Message

Choose the date and time, schedule SMS(s) accordingly.
SMS Template 2

SMS Template

Ease of saving data to customized templates. Maintain consistent brand image and save time updating data.

Features of Salesforce Texting App

You can address a greeting message to all your potential holders, customers on any holiday, with the help of Salesforce Texting  App Scheduler feature.

  • Also, you can Create SMS Template
  • Now follow SMS/MMS Automation via workflow
Salesforce Texting App
Salesforce SMS

A Dedicated Support

You can even create a workflow configuration, taking the assistance from the “SMS Workflow Configuration interface” and integrate a new standard in your Salesforce Org by choosing the object, designing the criteria, and shaping a new task for sending SMS. Here are some different categories to keep in your mind, and the explanation to your question depends on what your use case is. Let shape up these categories first.

Salesforce Default Texting App

  • In the case of messaging and app, the cost is a little high
  • If you want to make the process to work automatically, then an additional development effort is needed at some places
  • Only support 5 countries
Salesforce Texting App
Salesforce SMS App

Add SMS gateway.

There are a number of gateways available in a market where you can select and integrate.

  • Pros: Low SMS prices
  • Cons: If you desire to Salesforce SMS to other countries, then integration is not a favorable option as the international SMS gateway can’t send SMS at local price.
    Extra development efforts are needed to create dynamic messages in triggers.
    Proper investment of money and time is required on every SMS template creation.

You can discover the App in AppExchange.

  • There are some apps in AppExchange that provide full automation.
  • No requirement for development efforts.
  • Just as an Email template, you can do SMS template creation.
  • Also, with the help of workflow, you can send SMS, where you write triggers are not needed

Salesforce Alerts

Email alerts refer to the generation of emails by an automated process and are sent to entitled recipients. These works include standard text and recipients list for an email.
You can combine email alerts with processes, flow, workflow rules, approval processes, or entitlement processes.
They are also ready for use via Involveable Actions REST API Endpoint.

Salesforce SMS App

How to install Textible.io?

It is super easy to install and start using the app. You don’t need any developer to set it up. Also our support team is available to assist when needed.

Install the App

Go to Appexchange and search for Textible app. Simply install it in your org.

Setup your Profile

Go to Textible settings page and do the initial settings as per your business needs

Add Funds

Add funds to your account as per your needs.

You are live!

Start texting to your customers seamlessly right from Salesforce.
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“Works great for our Sales and Support We are using Textible.io app for converting our Prospects to customers. So far it is working great and we find SMS communication better than Email communication. Also great support from Cloufi so far!”

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Love the app and support. Best of luck for Sales 🙂 All our Sales Reps are using Textible app for real time sms conversation with our customers. Also we use it for reminders/promotions for our active clients to keep them up to date. We tried the mass sms feature and it works great as well as expected.

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