Leading Luxury Travel Business

Turns To Textible To Build A Robust

Customer Support System

Client Background


  • Client: Popular luxury travel business based in USA
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Area of Operation: USA
  • Number of Customers: Over 2,00,000


The client was in the market for new customer support as the CXO and CE ecosystem have changed drastically post-Covid. On reviewing their requirement, the team at Techila Services concluded the client wanted to use text, and high-quality images/gifs fielding all guest support inquiries via text or WhatsApp. Also, they wanted the entire system to be tied to Salesforce, which they were using as their CRM.


When the team audited the key challenges that the client was facing, Techila got right to work and tied Textible, an automated bulk texting solution, natively built on Salesforce with the clients existing API. Textible is a platform that will enable the client’s service reps to reach out to the right customers to solve their issues.

For example: If a guest has questions about a certain accommodation, like the accurate location, or wants to inform
about early or late check-in, they can simply drop a text or WhatsApp to customer support. The entire interaction is
logged into the service centre and anyone in the CS team can check the complete interaction for training or audit.

Shifting to a conversational messaging service will make guest interaction lucid since it is one of the fastest-growing mediums. A recent study shows that more than 80% of people use texting or prefer to hear from companies via text.

The need of the hour for the client was a more robust messaging solution and Textible was the product that would resolve this business requirement.

Business Impact

The entire transition and adoption were extremely smooth. Since the integration, the client had more than 85,000 guests and customer query resolution time has reduced from 5 mins to 2 mins and their response is more personal and flexible than ever.

One of the key impacts has been integration with the client API which needed minimum work at the backend, and it showed up in Salesforce, reflecting relevant interfaces and records.

This hospitality client has been meeting their business goals successfully and scaling up their customer experience ops.

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