Conversational Marketing & SaaS Companies, How to Increase Conversions Through Conversations

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Think about one of the best conversations you’ve ever had. Most probably, you went back to one of the conversations that weren’t exclusively one-sided but required active participation from your end as well. That’s what made the conversation so much more powerful and worth remembering. When investing in Inbound Marketing, you would want to give something to your consumers worth remembering, hence scaling your recall. Therefore, adopting personalized inbound marketing communications, making it a two-way conversation is eminent in today’s time. First, there was email marketing, then social media, and now marketing efforts have penetrated their way into messengers, making it more popular. According to Trilio, 89% of customers would like to use messaging to communicate with businesses. Despite this, only 48% of businesses are equipped to connect with customers through messaging.

What makes Conversational Marketing a Success ?

Businesses are still using email and social media marketing, including PPC ads for their SaaS products, and these are very much a part of Conversational Marketing, messaging is one of the most important and successful ways of starting B2B conversations. Also, there is no way you should withdraw from other marketing channels and solely focus on one form of
marketing, but since consumers already get bombarded with sales newsletters emails, and their social media feed is full of ads, there is no harm in thinking different and giving your consumers a break from that advertising bombing.

Shortens Your Sales Lifecycle

You generate a lead, the lead is qualified, and then you send your leads email every 2-3 days, and maybe one day, the lead gets converted and books a call with you, this is a normal scenario.  Not saying this is a wrong approach, but there are high chances that your lead might unsubscribe from your emails even before booking a demo call and might never convert. But with conversational marketing, the bot qualifies the lead immediately in mins and then invites him/her to a call.

24/7 Customer Care

There aren’t any vacations, leaves or working hours for chatbots or messages, but the sales support representatives do. With conversational marketing, you can capture the leads, and their details and book call even when the team is not working.

Some Visitors/Customers want an Answer Instantly

Prospects want their answer instantly, and they don’t shy away from choosing responsive companies over those that take time.

Personalized, Two-Way conversation in Real Time

It almost gives the impression that customer care reps are answering or solving your queries in live chat. But when the customer flow increases, the team can’t handle it. There won’t be a similar issue with message conversations.

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