SMS Magic vs Textible: Best 360 SMS Alternatives?

Often, we get confused among several SMS apps to be used for business purposes but should be aware about the criteria of selection. Now, you would be worried about what basis one should adopt and move ahead.

We will help you regarding the choices that offer additional messaging services. SMS Magic is one of the versatile messaging apps used in the Salesforce and other CRM managing platforms.

SMS Magic and many other messaging platforms are working in favour of increasing the marketing sales and building effective communication. Let’s explore the following topics in the digital piece.


  1. Platforms Supported
  2. App Features
  3. Support
  4. Pricing
  5. Reviews
  6. Integrations
  7. Parting tips

Platforms Supported

SMS Magic

  • It is one of the trusted platforms under CRM. SMS Magic Salesforce is the versatile platform that governs its applications in the business of sales and marketing in Salesforce. It supports almost all platforms out of which, Salesforce is one among them. The website is


  • The following application can be installed on the Salesforce platform itself and nowhere else. There is no limitation to send the messages along with that there is an option to send bulk messaging via SMS or MMS. The website for textibleis-


App Features

SMS Magic

SMS-magic alternatives can do wonders and include the following features-

  • It provides the 1 to 1 conversational texting with the help of standardized or customized objects.
  • The SMS send button is used for sending SMS from one person to another.
  • You can also carry out the conversation using the conversation view that works similar to a chat window. It also helps us to observe and clear out all the messages in a single tread or under a unified view.
  • It has the feature that allots various kinds of alerts for the messages coming in. In you can conduct affix the alerts for emails, desktop, and browsers. They are called browser alerts for desktop alerts.
  • You can also set up alert on the bell icon which is known as custom notification. There is another facility named SMS utility bar starts flashing facility that reminds us and helps in grabbing a retention as soon as any new message is received.
  • There is a service of receiving bulk messages. We can apply the following methods for the same-
  1. You can press bulk SMS button where you can make the choice of the contacts manually and can send bulk number of text messages
  2. With the help of camping manager, you can also make use of the reports and conduct the messaging or bulk texting
  3. Another app named as Converse app is one of the methods that helps in creating the list views and sending bulk SMS.
  • There is another automated and trigger texting service that helps in the automation of the text with the help of Salesforce workflow rules. Also, it can be triggered using the process builder or simply a trigger is written for automation and triggering of texting.
  • There is another server of sending a single or many numbers of MMS. This can be achieved using a button or we can also send the bulk MMS using conversation view. Process builder and workflow rules in Salesforce are also used to send MMS.
  • There are many other features that are included in the Omnichannel messaging. Include the features such as Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, MMS, etc.
  • These are basically for the purpose of marketing and selling the products across the various channels.



There are numerous numbers of features and powerful applications offered by Textible-

  1. It helps in supporting the customized objects
  2. It is one of the successful services that helps in sending bulk messages
  3. It has the facility for SMS
  4. Inbox services
  5. Hundred percent is compliance
  6. The notifications are received on the devices such as mobile and further, that it can be sent to the different recipients.
  7. You can pick up the option of opting out and opting in so that you can customize the number of messages you are receiving.
  8. You can also maintain the list of the target users and carry out instant messaging.
  9. The delivery of messages is very easy with the help of automation services process builder and using the workflow rules in Salesforce.
  10. Installation process is quite easy and messaging can be started as soon as installation process gets over. There is also a facility for appearing for the free trial that has a limitation of 30 days.



SMS Magic

SMS Magic follows the framework of automation from A to P in a way it delivers the messaging services using a specific use case, say, nurturing your scheduling of messaging services. There are several apps associated with Magical SMSthat includes workflows, use case Analytics, and message templates.


This service can be supported on 24/7 mode including all the business hours. The queries are answered online without any further delays.


SMS Magic

You can start your conversations on SMS magic which is one of the SalesforceSMS App at the early price of $50 monthly. The plans for this kind of SMS service include 250 SMS credits which can be accessed with the help of a single sender ID.

There is one need that you should possess 1 basic user license. You can also enjoy the free trial for one week where there is no requirement for a credit card, and thereby, you can lead to the attraction of more prospects with such an automated messaging service.

Moreover, you are also offered the pre-configured campaigns and ID the app is responsible for measuring the campaigns in compliances.


It is considered as the cheapest applications for testing within the sales force since it is available at the initialization cost of around $5 per user per month.
The message servicing platform offers marketing plans and discounts from time to time.


SMS Magic

There are more than 1000 reviews which are in favour of the features and alluring services. The customers are satisfied with the services and the 24/7 response delivering managers and service men who are constantly engaged in resolution of all the queries.


The customers have shown contentment and have left the positive feedbacks in favour of this messaging service within the Salesforce. Still, it has some limitations pertaining to the usages and applicability.


SMS Magic

The WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, MMs, etc. all these are some of the integrations under SMS Magic.We can lead to the transformation of email to SMS, chatter or Omnichannel.It is also integrated with the regulatory requirements such as marketing and sales.


There is another integration made with service cloud using standard and custom objects. Marketo& Pardot & SF1 Support is also used as one of the integrations for SMS Magic.


Textible is also integrated with WhatsApp, Facebook, sales & marketing and many other platforms such as- sales cloud.The platform offers a service to send SMS and MMS.

Parting Tips


We hope that we have compiled the pros and cons of the best alternative sources of messaging services. To cover the points with respect to SMS-magic vs Textible, we have covered the platform supported, the support, compliances, integrations, reviews and the wide range of characteristics.

Above all, the features offered under SMS-magic overpower the messaging platform- Textible. Moreover, you can verify the various kinds of products used across various channels and the other messaging cloud services related to message delivery and Analytics. You can also book a demo for trying out the texting services through SMS-magic and Textible.

Our Customers


Love the app and support. Best of luck for Sales 🙂 All our Sales Reps are using Textible app for real time sms conversation with our customers. Also we use it for reminders/promotions for our active clients to keep them up to date. We tried the mass sms feature and it works great as well as expected.

– Marcus Ferrari

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