SMS marketing is one of the most widely used channels of marketing communication. Numerous businesses have adopted this tool for promoting their products and services.

SMS marketing has brought brands much closer to the end customers with real time updates and exclusive offers. As a marketer, you can send promotional messages regarding discounts, offers, sweepstakes, new arrival and other relevant messages to your potential and current customers directly on their phones.

As SMS messages do not require internet connectivity and are pre-installed in almost every cell phone now, businesses get a handsome reach by SMS marketing. However, sending thousands of messages to thousands of customers on a regular basis is certainly not a piece of cake. It requires considerable amount of time, energy and sense of organisation.

This is the reason why businesses have started implementing messaging apps in their organisations. These applications help them in creating and delivering text messages (SMS and MMS) in an automated and efficient manner. Salesforce, a well-known name in the CRM market owns messaging applications like is a Salesforce texting app that facilitates creation, delivery and keeping an organised track of SMS and MMS messages sent by businesses to their customers. The application can be effectively used to utilise the customer database to obtain necessary details about the customers and send personalised messages to them.

Such applications allow you to tailor your messages according to the specific likes and preferences of your customers. As a marketer, is extremely important to ensure that the text messages are drafted precisely. Always make sure that you have included all necessary details you want to convey in a compact and unambiguous way.

However, writing a new message every time you need to send it to your customers can be tiresome. This is why marketers use different text messaging templates that already contain the core message. By using templates, you can save enough time of your sales representatives that goes into creating a new message every time they need to communicate with the customers.

Here are 15 of the best text messaging templates that can be used for specific purposes, depending on specific situations. If you think these templates work for you, all you need to do is copy them, change necessary details and send them to your customers.

Retail Discount

“It’s raining discounts this monsoon! Get 20% of on our exclusive summer collection. Offer lasts till 31st August only. Applicable for in-store and online shopping at”

This text messaging template can be used for offering retail discounts to your customers for a limited period of time. Although this template talks about a seasonal discount, you can use the same template for offering weekly discount or discount by category.

For Loyal Customers

“Exclusive discount for our loyal customers! Show this text message at the counter and get a discount of 25% on the final invoice. Applicable for select items only.”

Such messages are created to reward the loyalty of customers. You can add further details regarding your terms and conditions or attach a link for the same.

Dinner Reservation Confirmation

“Greetings! This is to confirm that your reservation for 2 at *name of the restaurant* has been confirmed for 9:30 pm. Kindly arrive ten minutes prior to the scheduled time to avoid any delays. Enjoy your meal!” It is important to mention the name, time and number of people in the message created for confirming your customer’s presence at your restaurant. It is also advisable to send another message to serve as a reminder 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Exclusive Week At The Restaurant

“Greetings from *name of your restaurant*! This week, starting from 9:30 am, Monday, you can try culinary delicacies curated exclusively from across the globe by our chefs. Offer applicable for dine-in only. Valid till 9:30 pm, Sunday. Regular menu will also be available. Hoping to see you soon!” While sending a text message regarding an exclusive culinary event at your restaurant, you can also mention the name of your chefs if your customers are familiar with them. You can also add some price details according to the event.

Freebie Coupon

“Greetings from *name of your restaurant*! On redeeming your points, you are eligible to a free cup of coffee or tea of your choice on having breakfast with us. Show this message to avail the offer. Offer applicable till 31st of march, 2021. Valid only for the breakfast menu. Charges for the breakfast will be applicable.”

When you are offering freebies to your customers as a restaurant, always make it clear what is chargeable and what is not.

Student Discount

“Enjoy your meal at *name of your restaurant* between 11 am and 2 pm and avail 20% discount on the final bill on showing your college ID. Offer only for the students studying in the current academic year.”

You can choose to offer exclusive discounts to students studying in a particular school/college or in a particular stream/batch. If you do so, mention it clearly in your messaging template.

Bank Payment Notification

“Dear *bank name* customer, this is to notify you that you have missed your monthly instalment of *amount* for the month of June. Kindly call us on *contact number* for details, or click on *link to the portal*.”

It is important to be as precise and formal as possible on sending banking (or any other relevant financial) text messages.

Transaction Alert (By the customer’s bank)

“Dear customer, your account has been credited/debited with *amount* on 22/07/2020. *transaction details* The available balance in your account is *account balance*.”

These messages are very sensitive and should be dealt with utmost precision and privacy. Also, the details of transactions should be added in brief, preferably using acronyms.

Travel Discounts

“Hello *customer name*, greetings from *travel company name*! Satisfy your wanderlust with us by booking your trip this week and get an exclusive discount of 25% on the final payment. Offer applicable from 7 am, Monday to 11 pm, Sunday. Visit *link to the website* for more details.”

As a travel company, if you are offering a discount to your customers, make sure you add the destinations they can choose while booking their trip if you are not including the link to your website. Also, you can have similar monthly or seasonal discount offers.

Daily Healthcare Advice

“Drinking juices made out of vegetables and eating raw fruits (instead of doing the opposite) is healthier for your body. Drinking water throughout the day is equally necessary. To stop receiving your daily healthcare advice from *name of organisation*, SMS STOP to 55443.

If you are sending such healthcare advice on a daily or weekly basis, it is advisable to add details for opting out of your messages for your customers. Also, send a last confirmation text message once the customer has opted out.

Doctor Appointment Reminder

“Dear *customer name*, this is remind you that you have an appointment with Dr. *name* at 4 pm at *name of the hospital*. Kindly make sure you reach the hospital with a 5 minute buffer to be on time. Click on the link for the address: *link to maps*”

While creating such text messaging templates, it is important to add the complete address of the hospital if you are not adding the link to maps. You can also add the hospital’s contact number. If there is a limit up to which the doctor would wait for the customer, it is advisable to mention that in the message as well.

Lab Test Results

“Dear *customer name*, this is to inform you that the results for your lab test taken on *date* have arrived. You can check the same by logging into your account on *link*/ You can come to the lab by 7 pm and collect the results.”

If you are calling the customer to your lab for collecting the test results, mention the complete address of the lab in the message or include a link to the maps.

Delivery Of Orders (E-commerce)

“Hello *customer name*, this is to inform you that your parcel number *parcel number* *parcel details* has been received by us and will be delivered to your location at *address* between 9 am and 5 pm today. For further queries, you can contact our delivery executive on *contact number*”

As an e-commerce venture, it is very important to include every detail about the parcel and the order number in the text message. It is also important to include the complete address of your customer as they mentioned while placing the order. It is also advisable to add a link using which the customer can track the delivery executive.

Food Delivery

“Dear *customer name*, this is to inform you that your order of *order details* is ready and out for delivery. The food should reach you at *estimated time*. You can call on *contact number* to connect with our delivery executive. Bon Appétit!”

Do not forget to add the price of the order along with the order details.

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