For recruiters and employers, there is no faster or more efficient way of getting a message across to jobseekers than using business SMS messaging as the primary communication channel. Meanwhile e-mail does offer a great deal of flexibility in the style and length of the content you can use, however nothing beats text messaging for speed and responsiveness.

Reduction in time-to-hire and cost-to-hire

The top performance measure is time-to-hire for recruitment, with approximately 56% of talent leaders expecting an upsurge in the volume of hiring. Cheers to high response rates of business text messaging, bespoke text messages and effective automation, Textible’s business messaging app adds the effectiveness and value for talent leaders looking forward to reducing time-to-hire and cost-to-hire.

Transform Inactive Talent to Prospective Candidate

As an employer, you’ll perhaps agree that it’s easier to engage somebody who’s looking for a change in job rather than one who isn’t. Yet, mostly the candidate you require is already working and may not be looking forward to changing their jobs. business text messaging app is the best platform to successfully engage a passive talent and keep them engrossed until you convert them into an prospective candidate who agree to avail the job opportunity.

Recruitment of Millennial Candidates

Although the millennial generation forms the biggest population in the United States, yet recruiting them can be a challenging task. The motivation for this generation is quite different than those valued by the previous generations. Recruiters have to do a lot planning to recruit them since the They’re motivated by different factors than those valued by previous generations. Recruiters also have their work cut out for them since battle is quite fierce for such talents. The business SMS messaging app has proven to get the right millennial candidates hiring for your firm. All this is possible, because this generation talent are digitally comfortable and SMS texting is their primary conversation.

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